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Aromatico Della Riviena Ligure Organic Sweet Basil Seeds

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  • Glazing
  • 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee
  • Insulated with EcoQuilt Insulation in the walls & roof
  • 72mm Thick Double Skinned Walls
  • Free Home Installation
  • 16mm Matchboard Tongue & Groove Floor
  • Solid Sheet Board & Interlocking Tongue and Groove Roof
  • Featuring Air Tec Insulation in the floor

Aromatico Della Riviena Ligure Organic Sweet Basil Seeds

Basil variety with very fragrant leaves. Fresh and dried leaves are used for food, to spice up the dishes of meat, fish, vegetable salads,especially tomatoes. Basil can be grown on windowsills, in greenhouses, or outdoors on a hot summer.

Organic seeds for healthier life

The organic seeds are purchased exclusively from certified ecological farms where the soil is fertilized strictly with organic fertilizers or mineral fertilizers of natural origin: manure, compost, lime, untreated wood, phosphate or magnesium rocks, etc. For plant deceases and pest control, preparations of plant origin produced from plants that have pesticide characteristics are usually used.

Only biologically resistant or tolerant to diseases and pests varieties are used as mother plants to the Organic or BIO seeds. Thanks to them, we get natural vegetables – free from chemical compounds that cause diseases and allergies. Organic or BIO seeds are ideal for enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle, who want to grow plants in their garden without the use of unnecessary chemicals and get tasty vegetables that are untainted by any chemical substances.

In the assortment of organic seeds there are sorts that are easy to grow – vegetables and spices that can be grown in small gardens, balconies and terraces.

Aromatico Della Riviena Ligure Organic Sweet Basil Seeds

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