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Well known and sometimes not so familiar, but still the most popular herbs. Those who like to make cookies, need to have thyme, mug wort, and rosemary always at hand. If you like to cook, we will recommend to have a vegetable garden bed with oregano, marjoram, coriander, sage and, of course, basil, without which not only you cannot prepare any tomato salad, but also season soups giving them absolutely unique flavor.

Most plants of this line stand out by several properties - they can be used as a seasonings, for decorating the environment, or as medicinal herbs, for making teas that protect from disease or even attract money to your home. They say, if you want to be financially successful, you must start your morning by rubbing a sage leaf between fingers.

Grow your own herbs and Rare Plans in your garden with herbs and rare plants by My Greenhouse .ie . Please let us know if you have any questions or product inquiries. Call us on +353 469551591 or +353857311669 or submit your request via Contact Page

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