We are specialists in polycarbonate polytunnels and greenhouses. Our aim to supply best quality and value polycarbonate polytunnels and greenhouses in Ireland. We also provide polycarbonate polytunnel and greenhouse delivery , installation and maintenance services as well as best customer service possible whilst delivering excellent guidance and information.

Our aim has always been to offer a complete range of polycarbonate polytunnels, greenhouses and equipment , everything you could need to get the perfect results!

Many of our exclusive polycarbonate polytunnels and greenhouses can be made to your specific requirements and modified to suit your needs.

We welcome new people, garden centers who would like to sell our products. We are helping with showroom installation and providing full training,

We only supply polycarbonate polytunnels and greenhouses which are backed up with a good warranty as we strongly believe that a polycarbonate polytunnel, greenhouse is an investment and not just a garden building.

Our polycarbonate polytunnel and greenhouse product range includes domestic, commercial, polycarbonate and accessories .

We highly recommend our professional polycarbonate polytunnel and greenhouse installation, replacement, and restoration services in order to achieve best results from our products.

Please contact us on 0469551591 or 0857311669 if you have any queries, questions or require more information.